Clothes Pins

I saw this cool idea over at Renee's blog. I had a couple clothespins and decided to try it!!
I think it turned out pretty good, I will let you know what everyone thinks after my stamp camp!
I will use it to display the cards we make!

OK, first off I must say the dog was not hurt on Sunday. I am receiving alot of HATE mail and don't appreciate being judged. I didn't say I BEAT the dog, I smacked her once and in turn hurt my hand on the doorway trying to hit her again. Ginger is fine and has been hurt more by the kids pulling her tail, or accidentally stepping on her!

For those who have asked about my hand, luckily nothing is broken. Just swollen and sore! I too will be OK, thanks for asking!


Chrissy said...

OMG!! Dawn, people are unreal! When I read your post yesterday it never crossed my mind that you harmed your dog. But thank you for clarifing that the dog is okay. LOL! The important thing is your hand is okay.


Anonymous said...

Hi Dawn, hope you're okay!

I'm sorry you've had hate mail!!! I know what its like with kids and pets in the same house!! I've got two cats!

It never crossed my mind that you harmed your dog!

BTW............your clothes pin is FAB! :)


Deb said...

Well I missed the part about the dog but of course I had to go back and read it!! Hope your hand is better soon, I;m sure everyone swats their dog when they are bad, how else will they learn, it's not like you beat him!! Sorry to hear you were given a bad time over it!! This is really cute, I bouhjt some, but as with everything else haven't done anything with them yet!

Michelle said...

Heck anyone would have gotten upset to find lipstick all over the rug.
But any hoo, I love the clothespins and will have to give them a try.

Lynn said...

This decorated clothes pin is way cute, I like how you used the new Summer Picnic paper and ribbon on it, very fun!