I have alot to talk about today!
I have been MIA because of Easter and what happened at our house when we got home.
Easter was great, until we arrived home.
The dog had somehow gotten my lipstick and chewed it up all over my new carpeting!!!
Now mind you I was mad about the carpeting but also about the lipstick.
I buy Mary Kay(which I have loved for years!)
Anyone that knows Mary Kay knows that their lipstick is EXPENSIVE. $12.00 per tube. Plus it was a brand new tube!!UGHHHHHH!!

I went to punish the dog and made contact with the first swing and tried to backhand her as she was running away and came in contact with the molding on the edge of the doorway! Needless to say I am still in pain, and regretting the whole thing!
Had an x-ray and have my hand in a splint!UGH

Have you ever typed with out your thumb, its very difficult when your used to doing things a certain way. And of course its my right hand which I use for everything!
Just think for a second about how often you use your thumb!!LOL

We did finally get it out of the carpeting, we have this awesome cleaner we bought from home depot, called Odoban! Works great on all stains!

OK next subject.
I have to say a big thank you to my bella sistah, Carol.
She sent me a beautiful card, Bella's images and some flowers and baubles!
Thanks Carol, watch your mail, your package is coming!

Also I entered the SCS wish Rak group and have been receiving alot of stuff!!
Thank you to everyone who has sent me things!

My fourth up line, Sherrie Robinson, sent me a great card for signing up to be a stampin up demo! She sounds great and I can't wait to meet her at her next meeting in May!

Hopefully I get to create very soon! I have an appointment to see my doctor tomorrow so keep your fingers crossed!!! Thanks for stopping by and listening to my babbling!!!


Chrissy said...

OOh Dawn! This reminds me of when our dog buddy when he was a puppy he got into a pen and he was blue I called him Blues Clues. He was covered but thankfully he only got it on him.

Sewflake said...

I had to chuckle while reading, isn't that the way it goes, first you have a mess to clean up but end up getting hurt when you try to retaliate. Oh my aren't animals fun? I am waiting for new carpet until the pets are gone. Maybe hardwood floors in a month.

Jan Scholl said...

doggie does not understand punishment unless you catch him in the act. I had a dog get into a tube of red oil paints (I had left me easel and turpentine out too) he was red, the white carpet was red and I was red. but smacking him would do nothing. My marley today all I have to do is narrow my eyes and say bad-and he slinks away.

Hope your hand heals fast and that doggie gets a nice ear scratch too.

Contact me said...

Oh no Dawn!! You need thumbs for stamping too!!! I hope all goes well for you at the doctor and you can bet I'm going to Home Depot for some of that cleaner!! Thanks for the tip!