Back to scrapbooking!

I finally finished this scrapbook that I had purchased online as a kit last year sometime! It in turn will be given to my son's first grade teacher! She is the best and we love her dearly! Having her two years in a row has been great but will feel weird not to have her next year!LOL
I haven't posted all the pictures but basically its a month to a double page spread!
It turned out really cute, I hope she likes it!!


Amber Porter said...

OMG! The teacher is going to love this! What a great gift!!

Bridget said...

MAN! This is great! I betcha she'll love it

Chrissy said...

What a great gift! The teacher is going to love it. Great album!


Dawn Easton said...

Dawn, this is a fantastic book! The teacher will LOVE it! I really need to learn to scrapbook...your work is fabulous!

Anonymous said...

Dawn this is wonderful... do you have any idea where you purchsed this I am thinking if its still available I'd love to get one..
my email is