I have been tagged by Lynn!!!

I have been tagged again! SO I will post my 7 facts!

So here goes:
1. I love to snack on things all day, but I hate to share my food. I only eat small amounts so I really don't have alot to share. But as a mother my kids expect me to share my food!LOL
2. I am a reality show FREAK! I had to order showtime last season because Big Brother After Dark is aired live 7 days a week for 3 hours! Its on way to late to watch so I TIVO it and watch it the next day!
3. I was SO afraid of having children, unbelievable, huh? Now that I am hoping for a fifth!!! Not of actual labor but raising them right!
4. I would love to travel, farther then the US. Italy, Spain, Hawaii.......really any place. But as long as I am with my hubby I don't think it will happen. HE hates to fly and never has!
5. I absolutely LOVE summer! I grew up with a pool and was SO tan every year, way into winter. Now the older I get I can't find the time or patience to lay out!
6. I hate seafood! I don't even like tuna! I like crab in a dip, or batter fish and chips! Other then that, forget it!lol
7. I have a really bad habit.......Are you ready for this?.......I am a nail biter.
Sometimes I can control myself but other times I think its nerves!

OK so I have to tag some people!
Chrissy, Michelle, Deb, Amber, Bridget, Vanessa, Tina


Chrissy said...

Thanks Dawn. I played along with you on my blog. I love learning all these little facts about you.


Girl With the Gadgets said...

Thanks dawn. I am off to play now..

Amber Porter said...

Dawn, thanks for the tag! I'm going to try to get to it tomorrow!