Graduation Bella

I am working on filling my many boxes of cards that I have for sale. I know alot of my customers want cards and want them early. So I am working on graduation cards.

I love the graduating Bella. Now I think the only thing left to do is find out some local schools and there colors and make up some cards.

The kids finally go back to school tomorrow. It seems like forever since they have been in school. I am unhappy to see them go back, I guess just because we are on a very "loose" schedule when they have a break from school. I really don't look forward to the early cold mornings ,either!!

I hope everyone in a cold state is staying warm. It isn't very cold here in Michigan but we still have some of our snow, which we got a week ago, and since the rain came over the weekend it feels kinda balmy. LOL

It has been a lazy day here. The kids have been watching some of their new movies today and I am still in my PJ's, so I am gonna say goodbye, take a shower, get back in my jammies and maybe if I am lucky once the kids got to bed create a card or two.
Hope you enjoyed my ramblings today! Thanks for listening!

Supplies: *card is 5&1/2 by 11.
*Stamps: Diploma Bella
*Paper: Black,yellow,real red,dp from joanns
*Ink: black,SU markers
*Accessories: paper piercer,white pen


Annie said...

That's the coolest graduation card ever, seriously!!

Chrissy said...

What a cool card! Some graduate will be real happy with this card!


Anonymous said...

Very Cute! I can't wait to see your other cards. Maybe one day lol

The Cat Mom! said...

This my dear is way to cute, who knew you had so much talent!!!!! Have a nice day! (I need this stamp!) Vicki :-)

Anonymous said...

Thats a fab card!

kerri said...

Oh I love seeing your Bellas.

Anonymous said...

Very nice! I've found another bella on my wishlist!

Michelle said...

Yay! I subscribed to your site. Now we can see if it really works.
Oh ya...Your card is wonderful! Good job.

Girl With the Gadgets said...

Wow you have been busy.. REally great cards. I had to go back to work and I miss being able to stay in my pjs ...

Heidi Michel said...

Love your bella grad!! She is lovely!!