The Zoo

We went to the Detroit Zoo today, it was cool if you were in the shade but nice in the sun! The kids are excited, especially to walk with the Kangaroos! Its a new exhibit where you actually walk THROUGH the Kangaroos on alittle path. There is nothing in between you and them! Pretty cool huh?
Here are some pictures to enjoy!
This is how close we were. You could touch them (you cant, but I mean that's how close you are.

This is a baby on the left who lost her mother to cancer. The mother was 10 years old and this baby has just been adopted by its Aunt or cousin whoever that one is in front of her.

This next picture is our traditional zoo picture we take every time we are there!

Thanks for looking!


Deb said...

What a beautiful family you have Dawn! It looks like it was a wonderful day!!

ChrissyM said...

Looks like a fun time. The picture of the kids is adorable. I love the bronx zoo here because a lot of the animals are in their own habitat and they are roaming free not in a cage.

Anonymous said...

Love the traditional zoo picture!

bridgetg03 said...

That is sooo cool! I wanted to go to the zoo so bad this year. HEY! Andy shrunk? Oh wait, that's Drew haha