In honor of MFT stamps PJ party tomorrow!!!!

I have been so lucky today to have my hubby helping me with the kids so I could go downstairs and create this adorable card for my Aunt "Mimi".
Her birthday is this month and she has had a rough couple years. She has lost her hubby 17 years ago, then her daughter 10 years ago and now last year her son!
She said she wants to wrap her last son in bubble wrap!

She has always been the best aunt to me! She loves knick knacks, CRAFTS,
gardening, shopping and pretty crystal things!
I remember as a kid you couldn't run through her very nice sitting room because the glasses in her china cabinet would "cling" together because it is so packed full of beautiful crystal dishes!

She loves to entertain and have all the family over!
Shes the only one I know that still uses fabric napkins when we come over!
She lives a good hour away on an acre of land and we don't get to see her too much.
So I made this cute card for her birthday because she always had horses in her barn when I was growing up!

WOW I am in a rambling mood today!!LOL
Funny how you just start writing about someone and REMEMBER so much!
I love those days!
And wish I could take my kids back to that time and show them how different things used to be!


Chrissy said...

Cute card! I enjoyed learning about your Auntie, I love listening and sharing those types of stories.

Jeni said...

Awww Dawn, what nice memories of your Aunt. I love when you ramble! You should do it more - blogs aren't just for stampin' ya know ;) Adorable card, as always!