Finally getting over the cold just in time for MORE cold and snow!

Funny how as soon as I say I am feeling better we suddenly have a big snowfall coming
our way and I will be sick again! LOL Oh well we are so used to it here in Michigan, seeing as you could have ALL 4 seasons in one 24 hour period!

I got downstairs today and cleaned up my mess from my first stampin up workshop!
Workshop?? Who named it a workshop anyway?? Its defiantly not WORK to me.
It should be called a FUNSHOP! Laundry,dishes and cleaning is work and not at all fun!

OK where was I , oh I cleaned up and do you know that feeling you get when everything is back in its place, that feeling that you have to mess it all up again because your feelin like making something!
That's what I did!!

So here they are!!
The first one is a card for a friend of mine to let her know I miss her and am thinking of her! She is not a scrapbooker or card maker, and I am not sure how often she reads my blog so I am posting it!
She is going to culinary school and she is an excellent baker! She makes all my kids birthday cakes and is currently gonna start soon on my daughters communion cake!! They taste awesome and look wonderful!
We don't really see each other as often as we should, but you know how it is when life is crazy! But I will try and call her very soon!

The next one was just something I have been meaning to stamp. I had ordered this set from MFT awhile ago and never inked it up!
So I decided to make a 5x5 birthday card. By the way does anyone know where I can find 5x5 size envelopes??
I didn't think about it till I had the card finished! I like making the bigger cards especially for MFT cards or Bellas! So now I have a stack I have made but cant send cause I don't have any envelopes!!UGH!

If there's anything you have questions about, just ask! I have rambled so much I decided not to list my supplies!


Courtney said...

Super cute cards!! You are really good at coloring them, do you use gamsol?

Bridget said...

OH MAN! I LOVE chefabella. Would go great with PC ;)

Lorie said...

I love both the cards!

Chrissy said...

Cute cards! Your really on a roll. Keep it up!

Susan said...

Great cards! Love them both but particularly the last one. Love yor colors!