This is so nice!!!

My friend and fellow blogger, Lynn gave me this award today!! She is so sweet.
And my blogging sister Heidi also sent this to me, too.
Heidi is great and I love her Blog.
You need to check it out if you haven't.
How did they know that I was having the absolute worse depressing day and I needed someone to make me smile.
I just feel like I am in a rut lately. Alittle under appreciated.
And also having some winter blues. 2007 was a VERY rough year and I am still feeling the affects.
With my back problems getting progressively worse with no end insight doesn't really help my mood either.
So a big thank you goes out to Lynn and Heidi for making me smile, today!
I pick: Michelle,
Heidi right back at you
and Lynn back at you too!!!


Michelle said...

thanks Dawn,
It's so nice to be thought of. We'll have to compare back stories!
Have a fabulous day!

Chrissy said...


I hope things get better for you. Your are my inspiration. I love your blog. Your blog is one of my favorites. You always have some fun and cheery posted on your blog. I love your creations. You seem like a sweet caring person. I hope things get better for you. Tomorrow will be a brighter day dear.