Happy Holidays

It is so nice to be able to relax and stay home!!I didn't even get out of my jammies today, it was great!I thought I would share a few photos of us on Christmas eve, since I haven't even cleaned up my messy scrap table yet. I have been too busy playing with my new present from my hubby! He is way to good to me, he bought me a laptop so we can both be on the computer at the same time and don't have to wait on one another anymore. There should be no more excuses about why I am not posting, right? LOL. Hope everyone had a great Christmas and on their way to a happy new year!! Enjoy your time with your families because as we know life is short. Stop and smell the roses a bit!! LOL Enjoy.


Mandie said...

We had the same idea....Elle has the same outfit that Ella has on!!!! Miss you **muah**

Michelle said...

Hello Dawn.
Your family looks so healthy and happy! Good for you! I have just joined the sisterhood ( I think ) not quite sure when I know I am actually a member. Here's my web site if you'd like to hop over http://michellebowley.blogspot.com/
Enjoy that lap top!!

Dawn Easton said...

Great pics of you and your family! Hope you had a wonderful Christmas! Glad you got a laptop...it is nice to not wait to use the computer ;)

Lynn said...

These are great pictures of you and your family, the kids look so cute!
How cool is your hubby to get you that laptop, you deserve it!

Anonymous said...

Hi, looking forward to chatting with the sbs7 girls. Happy New Year. :)

Girl With the Gadgets said...

What a good looking family you have.. The kids are just adorable.. Woo hoo on the laptop.