Doesnt look like much

Since my oldest daughter has taken over my "old" scrap room I needed to find a new place to work. And since I hate packing and unpacking my stuff to use the dining room
table I convinced my hubby to let me put a table up in the corner of our room. With the holidays coming up I decided to clean up our room and move some stuff around. I don't know how others are but when we have a party at our house my room is always a disaster area cause that's where I store everything."You can't find a place for it just throw it in Moms room". Well its not very clean(at least not as clean as it should be) but I have been working on last minute projects. But I must say I am so organized that I couldn't find my coluzzle mat I needed last night and I know I had it. I will post some more pics later when its cleaner. But you must agree I have ALOT of stuff packed into a small place!!Enjoy


Chris Scrappin and Stampin in Texas said...

I don't think most of our stamp places are clean..Mine is a disaster..Very rarely is my tabletop clean...Chris

Miss Em said...

I am stopping in to say "Hi" I just joins the sisterhood today.

Looks like you are incredibly organized for such a small space. Good luck with it all.

Have a very merry christmas and we will chat soon!

Dawn Mercedes said...

haha...way to go...I just made the dining room into an art room. My husband is a computer guy...and we have a computer room in one of the upstair rooms. Why not have an art room since I have an art degree! haha.

Doris said...

I teach organization classes for young mothers, so here's a tip: think vertical! Ask your DH to put up shelves across your space and use them for clear containers to store items. Label them and store them on the shelving with like items in each one. Use the top shelves for things used less often (like seasonal stamp sets) and the lower ones for little drawer sets you can buy at Walmart for all those loose things like Stickles, gel pens, brads, etc. Good luck and I hope you have a Happy New Year!