Some cards!

Since my room is coming together I am finally getting my creative juices flowing again! I still have more pictures of my room to share but its not yet finished so you have to wait on those, but I promise it will be worth the wait!

So on to my creations!
I got some new stamps at the Stamp Show at the Novi Rock Financial Center last Saturday with my lovely Mingle friends and I just had to play with them!

I found this new company that I have fallen in love with! Denami Design, we even met the owner/designer and she was great! Lovely lady to talk to and very talented!This is a very unusual Christmas card for me! Theres alot going on with the patterns but I am loving how it turned out!

Then the next card I made is so not me! I tried the stair step card which I have never done before and I decided to work outside my comfort zone and am not sure about the card or not!So you tell me (truthfully, because I can take it) how ugly or how pretty it is!
Here goes nothing-


shawn said...

I love both cards, Dawn! Who makes the Christmas card stamp?? That is really cute!!

Carol said...

Dawn, I love your stair step card! It is beautiful. Your Christmas card is also very pretty.

Maureen (Moe) Buck said...

I really like it. I understand not being "comfortable" with a card that's outside our normal box. Bu this one is great. Nice colors, good mixture of patterns
Can't wait to play in that new room.

(And your Christmas Card - while again out of your norm... GREAT TOO!)

Kim said...

Great job on the cards.

They look so professional!