Finally My Room is Finished.......

now its back to getting it organized! I have come to purge and throw alot of stuff out! Old magazines I haven't looked at in forever and have no intentions of looking at, so bye-bye!

So would you like a look see at the walls and carpet???
This is the back wall behind my desk and its ruby red with the definition for Create on the wall!

This is the stairs from the right coming down and the bathroom door, the paint over there is very vanilla (like the rest of the room) and the definition is Share on that beam!

This is the back wall and the right side wall of my desk wall and it has the definition Inspire on that wall. I love how it turned out and is almost ( notice I said ALMOST) worth all the headaches of the flood!LOL

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Kim said...

I am so coming over to take pictures! I want a room just like yours!