Alittle late!

Here is a card I received from a cyber friend that I will be meeting in March in Bay City at the Michigan Mingle from SCS. I am so thankful for my "friends that live in my computer!" lol. I am also so excited to have been and will be meeting alot of ladies I have been chatting with for some time with online now! So anyway, Michelle from SCS sent me a get well card since I just recently had surgery! Isn't she sweet? So here is her card she sent me!

Thanks Michelle!


Norine said...

really nice card hope you are recovering and feeling good

Wendy said...

Nice card! How excited to meet some online friends. I hope some day I will also meet my online friends.

Kim said...

That was very nice of her. She did a great job. I'm sure it brightened your day and made you feel better.