Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!

I received this award from Lynn over at The Queens Scene a bit ago and haven't had time to post it! Sorry Lynn! Thanks so much for giving me this award!!!I appreciate your sweet comments, blog help and your friendship!!
As I have seen this award all over I am passing it on to anyone on my blog roll! You all have wonderful blogs and I love visiting daily!(when I can)

As you may know I am battling migraines with no luck on getting rid of them, or even controlling them. I am under a doctors care but she is trying different medications, which are not working right now. When I get a migraine all I want to do is rip my head off! But what I have to do is take my meds (which aren't working) lay down in a dark quiet room (hard to do with 4 kids) and sleep. It is very frustrating for me right now as I have been having these excessive migraines (3 a week) for a year now.
So what does this mean for my blog? This is why the posts have been sparse. I hope you stick it out and check back or subscribe to my blog and you will get emails letting you know when I post!

Thank you and Enjoy!


Thea said...

Hugs sweety! Praying these pass soon and your feeling better!

Monique H said...

I'm feeling for you Dawn Marie and wishing you well very soon! I'll be here when your up and about and back to your usual self! Hugs :)