Another fun thing to Read

Here is another fun thing that I found in the Chicken Soup for the Scrapbookers Soul!

Scrapbookers Dictionary
By Heather Dewaelschi

ARCHIVAL SAFE: A locked container for scrapbook supplies.
CHOCOLATE: Food for thought.
CRAFTY: What a woman should be in order to hide scrapbook purchases from her hubby.
CREATIVE JUICES: Beverages consumed while scrapbooking.
CROP: (verb) To remove all the dirty dishes, piles of clothes and other household clutter from photos. (noun) A get together where scrapbookers eat, drink, solialize and occasionally complete a page layout.
DIE CUT: A scrapbooking injury caused by a craft knife, scissors or other sharp object.
ENLARGEMENT: what needs to be done to every scrapbooker's workspace.
HOMEMADE: What every scrapbooker needs so they can spend more time scrapbooking and less time cleaning.
LAYOUT: What photos, papers, embellishments do on a scrapbooker's table for hours ( sometimes days) at a time.
PAGE PROTECTOR: A scrapbooker with young children.
PAPER PUNCH: What a scrapbooker does when she realizes the paper she is using is not true 12x12 inches.(See Twelve by Twelve)
PHOTO OPPORTUNITY: A sale at a camera store.
PRECIOUS MOMENTS: Time spent scrapbooking.
REPRINTS: What's left behind after little fingers touch your photos over and over.
SCRAPBOOK RETREAT: When you walk away from a scrapbook layout in progress for a period of time so as to better evaluate it upon returning.
SCRAPBOOK STORE: What you do with the album you just bought just because it was cute.
SPRAY ADHESIVE: What a scrapbooker should do when she finds a good man who supports your hobby.
TRIMMER: What a scrapbooking hobby makes your wallet.
TWELVE BY TWELVE (12x12) INCHES: Size of paper that is anywhere from 11 3/4" x 11 3/4" to 12 1/4" x 12 1/4" but barely 12x12.
UN-DO: An imaginary button you wish you could press when you make a mistake on a scrapbook layout.



Miss Em said...

Oh how true. I have a few others but I think they might be too ris-ka!

Chrissy said...

how very true! TFS!


Girl With the Gadgets said...

That is definately true. I think I need to print that out and post it on my studio door! LOL My dh would get a kick outta that one!

TFS ..