Lots of gifts and a Happy Mothers Day!!

First I have to say a BIG Happy Mothers Day to all my blogger buddies!
I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend with their families!
Enjoy the time you have with them because life is too short!

As my kids came home after school today they were very excited and couldn't wait to give me their Mothers Day gifts they made. My son gave me a beautiful bracelet he made in class.

My daughter made me a wonderful book about what she likes about me. All written and illustrated by Kimberly. This is so COOL!

She also gave me a scrapbook that she made in Brownies. She added a few pictures but we have set some time aside soon to finish the scrapbook together.

Now on to my wonderful, generous Bella Sistah, Carol.
I was very surprised when the doorbell rang this morning. I was thinking, "hmmmm, UPS, I hadn't ordered anything (lately, that is), What could this package be."
It was from Carol. She is the bestest Bella sistah a girl could have.
Thank you so much Carol.

Here is what she sent me: Stampin Up glitter,sticky cut letters, rhinestone brads, doodlebug brads, ribbon, 2 bottles of stickles, a handmade chocolate book, jumbo dog brads, a decorated tin and bucket with a stapler, more ribbon, decorative do dads,a note pad and a book mark, a decorated frappachino bottle with candies in it, and stamped Bella images,and last but not least, Say cheeseabella and two sayings!

WHEW!!!!You are the best Carol. Thanks Again!
Hugz to all


Chrissy said...

Happy mothers day. Your bracelet is very pretty. I love the scrapbook idea. You were showered with all kinds of wonderful gifts. Enjoy!

Deb said...

Happy Mother's Day!! Wow you sure had a great day, nothing is better than the homemade gifts we get from our children, they are just priceless!!

But WOW that package UPS delivered sure is awesome, lucky you!!

Bonnie said...

You are a very lucky Mom, I love all the stuff your kiddos made for you, Cherish them, which I know you will.

Girl With the Gadgets said...

Happy Mothers day the gifts from your children are just precious and priceless. Your bella sistah did you well also. What a day huh!

Sewflake said...

Happy Mothers Day to you Dawn, what special gifts from your kids. I will be enjoying the day with kids and grandkids, I know you will have a One-Of-A-Kind day with yours..SharonD

Lynn said...

Happy Mother's Day!
These are precious gifts from your children, how sweet and what a huge pile of gifts from your Bella sistah thats so great!

Lucky you :)

Miss Em said...

So awesome. You had a wonderful day.

funky Fairy said...

What gorgeous and special gifts you got off your children x
And oh my what fabby goodies you recieved from your bella sistah :)
Think i could do with a sistah like that...lol
Shaz x