Only ducks could enjoy this weather!

Today it is one of those "I want to stay in bed" raining days!
Or at least stay in my jammies!LOL
The weather here in Michigan is beyond strange.
Last week it was in the high 70's and sunny.
Then Saturday night it got very cold and windy.
And now its Monday , cold, wet and rainy! UGH.
When is the nice spring weather going to come and stay??!!

Anyhow I have two cards I received from friends I want to share with you today.
The first one is from my friend Lynn and it is a thank you card for a basket Bonnie and I put together for her for having the Bella Ball at her house.

Lynn is an awesome friend and is always going out of her way for everyone else.
She helps you so much that she rarely gets her own stuff made!
Thanks Lynn for being there for all of us, and helping when ever we need you!

The next one is from my Bella sister, Carol.

She has yet to start a blog, but she should really rethink that because her creations are wonderful. So I am sharing her card she made for me. I joined the Bella sister club(I guess you could call it a club) and am so happy that I got to know Carol! Thanks Carol, it came on a gloomy day and really cheered me up!!

I think I am off to get some images stamped for the WRAK group, hopefully. It is hard to get motivated with such awful weather but I will try my darndest!!


Miss Em said...

So cute! Great friends you have. I have the card sender in my group. We also have a texter, e-mailer and random gifter. LOL.

Girl With the Gadgets said...

It was rainy here in Florida today too! We needed it really bad so I am not complaining. Love the cards.

Deb said...

What a lucky girl to get such wonderful happy mail!!

We've been having the same weather here. It stinks after you get used to the warm weather. I heard they are even calling for snow here, but I can't remember what day and I'm just hoping not!!! The flowers and the trees just started to bloom and give us hope!!

Lynn said...

Your too sweet, I'm blushing!
What a pretty card you got from your Bella sistah!

Stampingcaz said...

love your bella cards