No Stamping Today

There was no stamping in my house today.
I have been having horrible migraines (I have always had them every once in a while) but have become more frequent lately.
So it has been an uneventful, somewhat quiet day.
My migraines come on all of a sudden and last for hours sometimes days.
I am light sensitive, sometimes lose my vision, hate noise, love for my son (whose 60lbs) to sit on my head to relieve the pressure, sensitive to smells and sometimes nausea sets in. So as you can see theres no way alot gets done on these days, except kids stuff and dinner.
I do have something to share with you all.
I was surprised by my dad with a gift he made for me today.

As most of you know (maybe you don't) I am a huge Nascar fan and an even bigger Jeff Gordon fan. My Dad attends some races throughout the year and now that he is retired I think he will being making it to more. So anyway, he got this tire(an actual racing tire) from Lowe's Motor Speedway in North Carolina, brought it home and made me a table for my deck! Of course it had to have Jeff Gordon's name on it. And as far as I am concerned its Jeff's tire!LOL

Thanks for looking and sticking around to listen to me ramble!
And thanks to my dad for thinking of me and making this for me!
I love you Dad!


Bridget said...


Bonnie said...

Dawn, That table is so cool, and even cooler that your Dad made it for you. I have a lot of things my Dad has made and treasure them all.

Deb said...

Very cool, hope you feel better soon!

Lynn said...

Thats so great of your dad to think of you like that! What a cool little table!

Chrissy said...

Your table is so neat. I had the same problem with headaches until they put me on bloodpressure meds, a low dose but what a difference.


Girl With the Gadgets said...

what a great gift and how thoughtful of him to do that for you.