My Friend.......

is not a monkey but I think some people think were kinda goofy sometimes because when we get together we have fun and act silly! Doesn't everyone have someone they can do that with??!!??!!

So this is for my good friend that has been having trouble sleeping.
Her young son is having a cranky time lately.
I have been in her shoes so I totally know how she feels.
Just thought I would send her alittle note to let her know I am thinking of her!!!!

I love these monkey stamps but I have yet to but any.
I have resisted the urge to buy them which is a big deal for me.
As alot of my friends know if its cute and new in the scrapping/stamping world I WILL BUY IT!!
It reminds of that movie "If you build it, they will come". LOL
If they sell it, Dawn will buy it!!

I hope tomorrow I get some actual work done! I was in a very lazy mood today, plus I was running moms taxi service today, so I didn't really have a large chunk of time to stamp except once the kids went to bed.
Check back soon, I have some really cute things I am making as a surprise for some friends and cant show you til Friday!
Thanks for stopping by!


Deb said...

This is adorable! Love Changitos!! What a good friend you are!! I love the DP, ribbon and colors!! Sure to make your friend smile!

Michelle said...

Those monkeys are adorable. They certainly made me smile and I hope they make your friend smile as well.

bridgetg03 said...

I want these monkey stamps!

Chrissy said...

These monkey's are adorable. This is a good pick up for your friend. Very nice!