WAHOO!!!I love the UPS man!!

OK, no I am not leaving Andy for the UPS man!!LOL!!!
I got my SU ORDER today!
I am so excited but have NO time to play.
Tonight I was making cupcakes and a cake for my daughters birthday celebration dinner!
Yep you heard it right, My DAUGHTERS' birthday celebration.
Two daughters, Ella who will be 3 on the 18th and Heather who turned 12 on the 12th. No big party this year, people are just too busy because of Easter and all!
So I kinda stole my SIL's idea of having the godparents and grandparents over for dinner!
So needless to say it will be an even busier day tomorrow then it was today!

I am so loving the sets from the salebration and the spring mini, just because they pop right out of the rubber and you mount them easy peasy!
I did get some down time today and have mounted ALL my stamps!
Now I just need to find some time to create something cute!!!
Maybe I can stop the clocks somehow and find some extra time for me!LOL

** to all my SU customers I will be calling you to see when is a good time to drop off your orders!!!Thanks in advance!


Deb said...

Wow, I thought that was all your stuff, or is it? LOL!! That would be a great day for sure. Happy Birthday to Ella!!

Chrissy said...

My UPS driver will be coming Friday with my box of goodies. I can't wait!!! Looks like you have a lot of great things to play with, can't wait to see what you make! Happy birhtday to the two girls!!!

Girl With the Gadgets said...

gotta love those goodies... Looks like your blog got spammed too! Yuck I guess I better go check mine.

Lynn said...

Horray, you got your first workshop order, how fun! Man look at all that good stuff, have fun creating :)

Sewflake said...

If you figure out how to stop the clocks please let me know. Now that the partys over go create with all your new goodies!