You cheer me up!

I am passing this award onto Lynn, Bonnie, Bridget, and Chrissy.
They are all great people and REALLY cheer me up when I need it!
Thanks girls!!!
You should check out there blogs if you haven't already!!

I am currently feeling like crap, I must be getting this horrible sickness everyone else has had!
I have been trying my darnest to fight it off because Friday night is my Stampin Up Debut, but it seems to be kicking my butt!
Very sleepy today that's why I haven't posted a card, I am just alittle too sick to create!

Thanks for visiting!
I am hoping to create something when I am feeling better!

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Girl With the Gadgets said...

Best wishes for a speedy recovery. Rest up.. Drink lots of fluids and I am sure you will be feeling like the paper crafting superstar you are!