theres a first time for everything!!

I am kinda sad cause I am gonna miss Lynn's stamp camp tonight.
The only other time I have missed one of her classes is when I was giving birth to my daughter, and I still get razzed for that!
BUT I am excited because the reason I am missing it isnt cause I am sick, or the kids have something going on ,But because......Andy got me BON JOVI CONCERT TICKETS for valentines day!!!!
It is also 16 years to the date that Andy and I had our first date!
So this is a great date night to celebrate that!
He is so GREAT to me!

I have seen them in concert before and had a blast!
So we are off tonight to the Palace to see the concert and to see Daughtry open for them! I am excited about that too cause I just loved Chris Daughtry on American Idol!
I feel like alittle kid waiting for Christmas!
The best part is that Andys friend got us awesome seats and I will be spending the night with my wonderful hubby!!

Anywho heres a RAK I received from Oregon Stamper from SCS!



Girl With the Gadgets said...

Love it. Love the colors.. Waterfall cards are great!

Chrissy said...

Oh my! I am so jeleous! Heck with Bon Jovi (well I wouldn't mind seeing him in concert) BUT Chris Daughtry. Oh he is so hot and an awsome singer. I'm jeleous! LOL! Truthfully I am excited for you. I'm thrilled and I'm not going so can't imagine how you feel. And ooohhhh I expect a full detailed report back about the concert!

Sewflake said...

Have loads of fun tonight :-)

Lynn said...

I hope you and Andy had the best time at the concert, even IF you HAD to miss my stamp camp, ha ha ha!
This is a very pretty RAK card.

Annie said...

What a sweet anniversary to celebrate! I hope you had a fabulous time at the concert!

Jeni said...

DAWN!! Stay away from my man! (That would be Jon Bon Jovi) OR ESLE!! LOL! I hope you had a great time - I sooooo heart Bon Jovi. We missed you last night! *insert smiley face sticking tongue out here*