My new Studio!!

Ok here are the pictures I promised!
Keep in mind rooms are a work in progress!
I dont have any of my shelves up yet which will hold so much and free up some space on my tables!
That is also where all my stamp sets will go!(see bottom photo for the wall space I am talking about)
I LOVE IT already! So very nice and clean and organized!
But I know it wont stay that way!LOL

Its almost time for the race so I am making this short!
Also trying to prepare for my debut, which is making me nervous about now!

Alright ladies, check in tomorrow for somemore creations!

Gentleman start your engines!!
Boogity, boogity, boogity!!


Dana said...

very cool! It is amazing to have that much space to spread out!!!

Chrissy said...

Great room! My craft room is a work in progress also. I still don't have shelfs but I'm working on it, Its slowly getting there. Have fun in there!

Patty W said...

Nice space !!

Good luck to you!

Oh man, Darrell is talking about Dale Sr....

Let's go!

Bridget said...

AWESOME! I like your card below too but I'm too lazy to do a seperate comment lol. Too bad about Jeff :(

andy said...

your room looks great and very cozy yet roomy.
and looks very familar!! haha
i love everything youve done and i do believe in you. ill do what i can to help. i know this wont mke the comment board, but as long as you read it, thats all that matters
i love you

Deb said...

Wow, what a great space so big and open!! Good Luck on your debut, no need to be nervous you are awesome!!!

Patty W said...

Awww... how nice of Andy !

Lynn said...

Whoo Hoo,
You go girl, this looks awesome!!! Your going to love having more space and once you get settled in you'll make it your own and you'll never want to leave!

That was a sweet comment from Andy.

Bonnie said...

Oh, Andy, your so sweet, way to stick behind your woman!!! Dawn, it looks great, way to go!!!

Jeni said...

Hi Dawn!
Congrats on the new studio!! Gosh, I sure hope Andy is your husband! LOL!!