Kinda Late

Ok I am late posting these but things have been crazy here!! Sorry.
These are our Christmas presents to everyone in my hubby's family, and since his family is so big I made them simple.
I think they turned out lovely and I hope everyone liked them!
They are personalized note cards or thank you notes.
They are blank inside and can be used for whatever they want to use them for.
I bought a paper stack from Joann's and made 6 cards per family and they were all different color combos!
I had to make just under 100 cards so the layout is simple.
Not sure if I will do this again or not, haven't heard from anyone if they are using them.
It is very hard for me to give handmade things to people who don't scrapbook or stamp.
I hope they appreciate them and use them the next time they need a Thank You Note.
Well anywho I must get back to making my daughters communion invites!
I will post them soon, I PROMISE! lol


JenniferL. said...

These are so pretty!

Jeni said...

Wow Dawn!! 100 cards??? You ARE a stampin' machine!

You're making communion cards? My daughter is celebrating her communion too - does that mean I should make her invites? Oh, the pressure!! I will not stamp, I will not stamp!! LOL! Jeni

Michelle said...

Nice job Dawn. That's alotta work!

Sadie B said...


Sewflake said...

I know what you mean about giving cards to people that do not stamp or scrapbook, maybe thats why I keep most of my I do know that my mom and sister keep all the cards I send to them, plus I make cards for them to use. Oh well sometimes you have to let your kids I mean cards go.

Girl With the Gadgets said...

Wow I can't imagine 100.. Whew.. I would still be making them..
Love them

Chrissy said...

wow! Very nice! You truely are a stamping girl! LOL!