I have lost my MOJO!!!

I tried so many times last night and stayed up til 3 in the morning to make a card for Beate's Weekend Sketch Challenge and it ended up being a no go!!
I have lost my mojo!

SO I worked on a project I had started before I lost it!
I absolutely love this paper by Sassafrass, which I tried to find more, thinking I got it at Archivers but nope!!
They don't carry it. Now I am really puzzled because I have only been to two places, Archivers and the Little Scrapbox!
And I cant find it at either!!

Anyway, I had my bellas in a photo book but they just kept falling out, so I found this cute idea at Archivers, a Stamp box, with dividers!
It holds all my bella's, MFT, autumn leaves, plus anymore clear stamps I may purchase. *wink *wink.
I stapled some clear projector sheets to some white card stock and used double sided tape to stick my bellas to the clear sheets. I then stuck the stamped images to the front of the clear protectors.

I am so happy how it turned out!!


Lynn said...

Oh you made it and it looks soooo cool! That paper is really pretty, now we'll have to go shopping just so we can find more, ha ha ha! Love the glittery letter on this and I can't wait to see this box in person.

Scrapbook Mama said...

Oh this box is really neat I love that way it turned out!:) that paper is rocking too


Dawn Easton said...

Great box Dawn! Love that paper...but I haven't seen it lately either...bummer!

Heather Summers said...

Hey Dawn!
I completely know what you mean about losing the mojo! I HATE that feeling! It'll be back, you're super talented and your stuff is great, not to worry!!! I love the box you made!!!

Chrissy said...

The paper is pretty, hope you can find more of it. If I come across it in my travels I'll keep you in mind. what a great idea for your stamps. I have a box that I've been meaning to decorate for my unmounted stamps, just haven't gotten that far. Great job on the cute box.

kerri said...

What a great idea and the box looks great. My bellas and high hopes are shoved into a draw. I really need to do something about that.

Michelle said...

Oh, I so know that feeling Dawn.
I am going through a bit of it myself right now! I can't stand it!
The box you made for your stamps is adorable, I love the bling letters. Too cute!

Heidi Michel said...

I have lost mine also. :( I need to find it this week! I love this paper too!! Very pretty!