Its Finally Fall

We finally got to get out to the cider mill and pumpkin picking this past weekend!!It was a beautiful day and everyone and his brother had the same idea. Everywhere we went was packed full of people and their families. The kids always have such a great time picking out our pumpkins. Soon we will have to grow our own pumpkins because every child has to have their own pumpkin. Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend. Enjoy


Dawn Easton said...

What fun!!! Great pictures of the kids! I'm jealous that everything still seems so green! grass has been dead for a long time and I last mowed it over a month ago! HAHA!

Anonymous said...


How did these kids get soooooo big??? Have a nice day! Vicki

Lynn said...

Look at all of your cuties! It looks like you guys were havin some fun, I'm glad you finally had the chance to go to the cider mill with all of your little pumpkins.