Halloween Goodies

So tonight I have tucked myself into bed way early and then there is someone ringing my doorbell. HMMMMMM, my hubby is picking up our daughter so I think its just them coming home. NOPE! I finally go to the door and find the most adorable paint can decorated with Booglie Eyes stamp set from Stamping Up,the Halloween DP, cute ribbon. It is loaded with candy , bubbles, tattoos, stickers and more candy. I will be posting a pic of it tomorrow since my camera is totally dead. I think I know who dropped it off, my guess is Lynn. But it could be Bonnie, too. Anyway, whoever it was, A HUGE THANK YOU GOES OUT TO THEM!!!! My friends are SO great to me and my family and I truly love them LIKE family. Thanks Again. Enjoy!

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Bonnie said...

Well Dawn as much as I would love to take credit for that, hmmmm, it's not me, It must be Lynn. Good job Lynn, your a great friend.