I am thinking Christmas again

Yes, I am thinking about Christmas already.You can never start creating too early!Especially with as big as my family is. My hubby is from a family of 14 kids and they are all married and have kids, so I have to get my stamps out and start making gift tags!! I sold alot of these at a craft show I did last year. I think I might even give some of these to the teachers as a little pre-Christmas gift.Enjoy.


Anonymous said...

those are great tags, dawn! i really need to make more time to craft. i don't know how you do it with four kids. you rock! those have inspired me to possibly make some this year too.

Anonymous said...

OK - yes, "blogging" is new to me even though I have heard of it before. Not sure if I would have time for this, but I figured I would see what you were up to.
I think the pictures do NOT do your work justice! If possible, you need to enlarge the pic's and use up a little more space on your blog (if you have it). Yes, I agree, the Christmas tags are great ideas for anybody and I'm sure your teachers will enjoy them.
I have purchased from Dawn before and love her cards. I hope this works out great for you!! Good luck and I'll need cards soon!! ha