Mingle cards

OK so we had a Michigan Mingle in Novi where 50 stampin ladies get toegther once a year and stamp the weekend away! This was the fourth year, although I have only attended the last 3 years! The Michigan ladies I met online about 3 years ago are GREAT and I chat EVERYDAY with them on SCS! I love that I met them and get to know them more everyday by chatting online!
Although I get some looks when I tell people I met my "online" friends to stamp, like stampers could be serial killers!LOL But I love my friends in my computer to bits!!!
Here are some of us at lunch!

Anyway I got into the Stampin' Up only swap and thought I would share my swap with you today!

Do you like it?

While at the mingle we had some drop in guests from the Deadlist Catch! How cool is this? Mike Fourtner from the Time Bandit and Travis Lofland from the Wizard were the nicest guys! AND Mike even posted to his FB fan page that he met the Michigan Mingle Stampers!

As always thanks for looking!


MY Inky Fingers said...

Any time spent with Mingler friends is a good time. It would be nice if we could spend even more time together. And maybe one year, just maybe, we'll meet Jon at a Mingle.

Kim said...

I think we should try and invite all kinds of famous people, cuz meeing Mike and Travis was GREAT!