Has it been a month since I have posted on my blog?
Sorry about that! Things are just hectic because the kids are close to getting out of school! But I AM going to get on top of things and start regularly posting to my blog, so please be patient and check back often!
Heres a card I made when I had some friends over!

This is the new in color Cherry Cobbler! Dont you just LOVE it!!!!

And here are two pictures of where I was this weekend!
A "few" friends and I went to Memories Manor B and B in St Clair Michigan! What a lovely time we had! I have been before and talked 9 other ladies into coming with me!WOOHOO this may just be a yearly event!

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Heide said...

Dawn Marie, Hope you had a great time!Looks like a beautiful place.
Cute card, looking forward to getting some of that cherry Cobbler! It is so rich looking.