HMMMMM, wondering where I have been?

I haven't posted in some time and I am sure your all sitting on the edge of your seats thinking I have been doing something exciting! Well I did go away to Memories Manor for the weekend but I have also been dealing with a wet basement. We had a large storm come thru here just over a week ago which dumped lots of rain, power loss and in turn our sump pump not being turned on we got water in our basement. And not alittle water! I was completely devastated because all my scrapbooking/stamping supplies were down there.I have alot of stuff organized but I still had alot of stuff on the floor, which is a mistake I will never make again! So needless to say I have lost ALOT of scrapbook paper, a few totes, and some wicker baskets to water damage! Needless to say I had fun on my weekend away but I hated coming home to the mess we now call out basement!

Here are a few photos from my weekend at
Memories Manor!
The view from our room!

My friends that went with me- Linda Bonnie, and Jeni! Thanks ladies I had a blast!

Bonnie and I at dinner!Yummo!

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Teresa said...

WOW, I have been reading about this beautiful place you have been to. What a treat. I bet you had a great time. Sounds just wonderful.