A Friend Card and a Thank You Card!

I have met some lovely people on SCS! And recently I have actually met them in person! I cant wait until March when alot more of the people I chat with on SCS will all get together for a stamping weekend!
This first card is for someone that participated in the Secret Sister Spook! My secret sister was Ann. She sent my a bunch of lovely things! So I made her this Thank you card! I hope she likes it!

This card is for someone I met at the Mini Mingle also. I was very touched that she was so concerned about me and my migraines! She asked me how I was and if everything was going OK! I was really touched! Emma is such a hoot to hang out with! She has this lovely English accent that I could listen to all day! She is so funny and makes you feel welcomed. She also is willing to teach you what she is doing! You can check out her blog here!I am so glad I met all these lovely ladies!



Danni said...

Very cute cards! I just love HM!!

ChrissyM said...

Fantastic cards Dawn!

Deb said...

These are gorgeous!! Love them both!!

Monica-FC said...

those are the cutest house mouse images ever. I love them very much. :)