I have been tagged!

My good friend and blog buddy Lynn tagged me so here goes!
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1. I love to bake. I always have but so much more since my grandmother passed. I want my kids to remember me baking for them the way I remember my grandma baking for me. Plus I have all her recipes so it just adds to the remembrance of "Nana".

2. If I have some sort of salty snack I always have to follow it with something sweet! At least a piece of chocolate or something like that.

3.I love picture frames. ALL kinds. I have a hallway upstairs that I hope one day will be filled with them. I remember looking at pictures down the hallway at my Aunt Millies house when I was little.

4. I have to sleep on the right side of the bed unless its a twin size bed. I know its weird. We just switched our bedroom around and my hubby wanted to switch sides but I said NO WAY, I have always slept on this side and I am not changing!!!

5. I hate doing laundry. My house is a Quad, so we have alot of stairs! I would love a laundry room upstairs!!!!

6. Since I have had my kids I cant sleep without a body pillow or some type of pillow between my knees. Plus I cant sleep if its TOO quiet. My hubby works midnights so my TV is on all night. If I didn't have it on I would drive myself crazy from all the weird noises.

7. I am a very picky eater. I hate potatoes, except french fries. Mashed potatoes make me gag. I do love salad and could eat one everyday and NEVER get sick of it!!

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Danni said...

Love reading more about you!

Lynn said...

That's so sweet that baking reminds you of your Grandma! and I'm totally into that salty sweet taste, I can't wait to get my hands on some freshly made kettle corn!

Beedubya said...

Thanks for the tag! How sweet are you? My grama used to bake the meanest apple pie. I miss that. Thanks again!

Deb said...

I'll try to get to this tomorrow, someone else tagged me too and I'm hoping it's the same! LOL!! Loved reading your 7 facts. I can tell you have a huge heart and maybe a sweet tooth! Hahaha! Hugs, Deb

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much Dawn Marie ... it has been fun playing along and it is nice getting to know others better! Hugs to you!!! Hope your daughters broken arm is better soon, hugs to her!