What a day!

Kimberly made her first communion today and it was a very special day all around!
Although the priest had a mild heart attack in the middle of the ceremony.
Yes you heard me correctly.
Right when he started his homily, he got dizzy.
He sat down and the next thing you know the paramedics were called.
There was a doctor in the church, some off duty paramedics, and a nurse (my cousin) that all helped as much as they could.
They did have to shock him which in turn scared the children.
But he was doing better as they wheeled him off to the hospital.
The alternate priest showed up and finished the mass.
We had a beautiful day (weather wise) and got to spend alot of time outside!
She told me on the ride home that she feels different now being able to receive communion. I said, "Older?" She said, "No mom, just different!"
We are so proud of her and she looked absolutely beautiful!
We are saying our prayers for Father Ron in hopes for a full and speedy recovery!

A big thank you goes out to my friend Wendy who made the beautiful cake!!!
She does an awesome job in the decorating and it tastes delicious!!



Chrissy said...

Your daughter looks beautiful. Father Ron is in my thoughts and prayers. The cake is gorgeous. Very nice!

Lynn said...

What a day you've had!
Kimberly looks beautiful and the picture of the three of you is so great!

Prayers go out for father Ron in hopes for a speedy recovery.

kerri said...

what a beautiful little princess.

Anonymous said...

I hope your priest recovers okay!! Your daughter looks gorgeous and that cake is just gorgeous too!!! :)


Deb said...

Your daughter looks so sweet and pretty! Love the family photo too. Sounds like you had a great day other than Father Ron, he will be in my prayers too. I would have been scared too!

Jeni said...

Dawn - I was thinking of you yesterday!! We DID have a great day for a party huh? So sorry about Father Ron - glad he's gonna be ok. Kimberly looks like an angel - and she's an image of you!!

Bonnie said...

Dawn,As everyone else has already said, well, tell Kimberly she looks beautiful.And you and Andy aren't to bad either. LOL

Girl With the Gadgets said...

What a beautiful family. And Kimberly is just beautiful. Love her dress. Sending prayers for Father Ron.

Belas Creating Place said...

congratulations on your DDs special day...sorry to hear about the priest..I hope he recoups well.
My DD did hers on the same day that is funny that I stumbled upon your blog and our DDs both had their special days on the same day. How weird is that? LOL>
Nice cake too.

Bridget said...

was that pic of her alone always up? I don't remember seeing it. She's so cute!