Where is Fall?

Living in Michigan you get used to not knowing what the weather is gonna be like everyday. With it almost October I am ready for some cooler weather, I am ready to pack the shorts and sleeveless shirts away. But we have kinda had a heat wave here the past couple days, so I made this card in hopes of it feeling more like fall and less like summer. I am not too happy with the way it came out but decided to post it and see what you think. It didn't turn out just right because I couldn't find my oval coluzzle so I had to switch to a circle, then I couldn't fit alot into the circle. So needless to say it may be a "do over" card and hopefully I get it the way that I want and will then re-post alittle happier. Enjoy, anyway.


Sue @ praise & coffee said...

That is beautiful!

I am in Mich too, SW Mich.
I am so glad for the break in the weather. I'm tired of the heat!


Anonymous said...

Good Afternoon Dawn,

I love this card, you do good work for a brat. Miss You, Vicki (a/k/a MOM)

Dawn Easton said...

LOL you can pass your heat wave to me if you like! It's frosty here in the mornings!! YIKES!
I love your fall card! It's fantastic

Renée said...

I used to live in Michigan (for 2 years)! This card is really nice! I love the layout and how you stamped the circle, with the pumpkin off the edge. Looks great!